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4 Common Marketing Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make

commons mistakes of marketing website

For small business owners, marketing your website is as challenging as building it. It may take you awhile to figure out the best approach and strategy for your online marketing. Online marketing may not be as expensive as traditional marketing; however, if you don’t do it right, your online marketing will still end up being ineffective and costly. Do you want to spend money and only end up collecting tumbleweeds and cyberdust? Nope! Here are four common mistakes you should avoid when marketing your website.


  1. Pay little attention to the website, or , you don’t have a website!

This is one of the most serious mistakes small businesses normally make. They always assume that their customers don’t use websites. Wrong! More and more people these days go online to search for products and services before take the plunge to go into the store. Regardless of your type of business, your website is more important than you think. For example, when my friends and I are sourcing food for the night, we usually go online and search for new restaurants in our area. We review the websites, click the ones that come up on the first page of google for our search, and begin to make our final decision. And most of the time, we’re in the car already looking! Which means one thing – we’re on our phones. So if your website is not optimised to be mobile responsive using responsive web design technologies, you won’t be seeing us at your restaurant. Why? Because we couldn’t read your menu. We did a quick search, started browsing, and your website was just “too hard” to use, which is a very important thing to fix if your competitors sites are easy to use. You’re selling your business short of potential customers.

A good website will bring more sales and leads to your business, and a bad website will create a bad brand image for you and decrease your sales leads.

  1. Forget to let the search engines find your site

Many website owners forget about the text in the website as they are concerned too much about making everything look pretty. However, search engines can’t read your pictures, flash or video very well. The text on the pages tell search engines what a site is about, and the search engines choose to display your website in response to search queries based on the text in your website. Therefore, if the search engines find very little text on your pages, your website can’t get in the top search results and thus won’t be found by too many people. Therefore, besides building appealing visual effects for your sites, don’t forget to focus on building quality content for your site. Did you know we offer Content Marketing services?

  1. Using cheap tricks

Buying Facebook likes and Twitter followers is an example of using cheap tricks. Many small business owners who are new to social media want to portray themselves and their business as being more established than they are, and this is one of the tricks they implement. However, these tricks won’t bring you real sales as the fans and followers are not real people. Besides, consumers on social media are smart and will realise your new company couldn’t legitimately accumulated this many likes and shares in such as short span of time. They’ll smell something’s up! Instead, invest your money and time in  quality strategies that will bring you sales leads and a high ROI.

  1. You don’t track your results

Many business owners make this mistake. When you finish building your website, it doesn’t mean that you never have to touch it again. A website is a continual project that needs to be revised and added to over and over again and your business grows and you gain feedback from customers. If you don’t track results, you won’t know which tools are best for your business’ growth. Google Analytics and other tools can offer you a whole range of metrics that are able to tell you how well current strategies are working, and what needs to be to fixed /changed.

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