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4 Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Business Website


In order to make your website both impressive and useful as a marketing tool, you need to have a good strategy for your business’s website. Here are 4 questions you should ask to determine the direction of your new website.

What is your website for?

There are three main goals of a business website:

  • Promote your business (or as a brochure site)
  • Lead generating
  • Selling online

A website is the fastest and easiest way for you to reach your target audience. Your potential customers can find information about your business with just one simple click. A website could also be a lead generator site, which generates business on its own. People come across your business website while browsing Internet, and click to see and then feel compelled to call or email you. It sounds much better than cold calling or cold emailing, right? You can sell your products in an online store instead of spending a huge budget on a physical store. A website could be a storefront for your visitor to browse and purchase your products/ services.

Before getting down to build your website, ask this question to determine the main purpose of your website. Your website may be for one purpose or 2 or 3 purposes combined. Knowing goals for your website will help you focus ideas on the website building.

What is your business strategy?

A website is another one of your marketing tools, which has to be inline with your overall business strategy. Don’t get confused with your marketing strategy and your website design (the colours, the movements graphic etc.). You are the one to determine your marketing strategy, and ensure that the website’s design and content are going to be aligned with your strategy.

Think about the online experience you are wanting to create for the visitors. Do you want your visitors to be blown away with impressive content and visual? Or do you want your visitors to have a smooth, streamline online experience? These are 4 key questions you need to ask yourself before starting your business website project.

Free website builder or custom website design?

When creating your website you will face the challenge of choosing between the free website builders or embarking on a custom website design. The free website builders let you choose from ready-made templates or themes with zero cost. It could be an affordable and time-saving option for small business with limited budgets. However, the free website builder will bring a number of disadvantages in long run.

Choosing to use a custom website designed from scratch may take longer in time and have a higher initial cost when compared with using free website builders. However, for business growth, the custom website design is an efficient, sustainable choice as it allows you to define all aspects including graphic design, content and technical performance.

How to manage your business website content?

It’s important to keep your website fresh with new and relevant content, which will keep your existing customers going back to your site. Ask yourself who will provide the initial content (you or a copywriter) and who will maintain your website content on an on-going basis. Furthermore, consider the procedures and guidelines needed to ensure you have a straightforward and organised approach to content publishing. You need to define the styles (content marketing strategy, tone of voice etc.) to ensure that your copywriter will create copy that accurately reflects key information and your brand personalities.

Take your time to ask and think about these questions. The answers will help you have a clear path for your website building and the long-term maintenance.

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