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5 Reasons Why You Must Build Your Email List Now


Despite the popularity of social media platforms, email marketing is not dead. In fact, email marketing is very much alive, and considered an effective way to generate leads and engage your target audience. If you do it right, the email marketing will be much more effective than Twitter, Facebook or other social media platforms out there. For doing it right, building an email list is crucial. A well-built email list will not only help you obtain valuable data for your long-term business but also allow you to promote your product/service to a better-matched, wider audience.

Here are 5 reasons why small and medium business owners should build an email list right away:

  1. Email is personal

Everyone has email and use email all the time. People check in their email inbox several times per day, or they login to smart phones with notification function enabled. They choose to let you reach them. Although Twitter and Facebook are popular, not everyone is on them every day but everyone has email. Besides, there is no ranking system limiting your reach via email. So a fact is that your email can reach your target audience in a very direct, personal and casual way.

  1. It is targeted

When someone signs-up to your email list, you can be sure that person is very interested in your business and the products/services you can offer them. When you send out your email, they will open and read it. Email lists help you find your right target audience and reach them more easily.

  1. 100% control of your tool

Twitter and Facebook have their own privacy and user settings which limits your access to specific audiences. With email, you have 100% control of your content and can market yourself to anyone you choose.

  1. Email is timely and inexpensive

Direct mail is expensive due to the printing cost. Facebook news feeds are flooded with information and ask you to pay extra money to reach more people. Many people complain that their posted information on Facebook gets swamped and never reach their audience. They have to pay extra cash to reach more people; however, the conversion rate is still pretty low. Twitter is overwhelming as well. Email offers you a timely, inexpensive way to reach your audience. Your information shared via email, if content is appealing and relevant, will be a compelling way to attract your audience to into purchasing what your selling.

  1. A tool to engage audiences

Email is an effective tool that not only engages your qualified audience on its own but also helps you drive more engagement in your blogs, Facebook and Twitter. To get your customers to click and open your blog posts, updates or campaigns, it is found that email gets people to click more when compared to Facebook and Twitter. People are so used to the idea that Facebook is for entertainment rather than professional and purchasing purposes.

Regardless of the type and size of your business, you need to build your email mailing list. However, simply putting a newsletter sign-up form on your website isn’t about how effective email can be. To run effective email marketing, you need a right strategy and right techniques. Tips to build an effective email list and how to drive your audience via email will be shared in next posts.

Same Day Studio can help you build an effective email marketing list efficiently, affordably and effortlessly. Ask us today!

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