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How to Use Website Design To Impact Your Business

website design

Nowadays, your website is one of the first interactions a prospective customer has with business. Your prospects may go to your websites before they even know about your brand or your physical store. Therefore, your website is incredibly important to the progress of your business’s growth. A good website is a good representation of your business, just like a logo design. It will help you establish credibility, build trust, engage visitors, generate leads, close more sales and increase your business’s bottom line. However, creating a website that is considered good requires strategies and know-how.

The visual design

The first thing to grab your prospects’ attention is the visual and aesthetic design of your website. ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ ­­­– this is totally the opposite for website. The visual presentation of your website affects how your prospects think and feel about your business. If your website looks too dated or unattractive, your visitors can’t help projecting that into your products or services.

A good web design needs to look modern, clean, professional and aesthetically pleasing. Make sure to work with a good website designer to create an aesthetic look for your website that is up to the current trends, and conveys your brand images.

User experience

A good website design needs to be easy to use. If a website with attractive aesthetic design is difficult to use and navigate, the visitor will not have a pleasant experience when using your site. For a pleasant user experience, your website navigation needs to be clear, logical and intuitive. Moreover, the website needs to load fast and work in every browser, and be optimised for all devices (computer, tablet, mobile device).

Information must be displayed in a coherent, clear way so visitors can easily find what they’re looking for. Also, information must be easy to read so visitors understand what your products/ services are about.

Your website content

The visual design makes your visitors stop and read. But the website content is what keeps them reading and coming back to your website. Content is extremely crucial to how well your website can impact your business. Your content needs to be concise, focused and relevant to your target audience.

Although it’s never too late to start writing good content, it is always recommended that you product a content marketing strategy from the beginning so that you have direction in what you’re writing (which makes writing easier! Trust me) and your readers on your website know what they can expect to read. Choose the tone of voice that is targeted to your target audience. For content arrangement, try to find a balance between images and text. Don’t overfill one page with too much text. When visitors are overwhelmed with too much text, they will easily lose focus on your product or simply go to your competitors.

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