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The Pros and Cons of Free Website Builders

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Whether you are going to open an online store or run your small business, your website is crucial to your online marketing. The website is your opportunity to make an impression on your potential customers. The look of a website says a lot about your brand and product quality. However, when you start building your website, you will face another difficult challenge: choosing which service to build your website. There are a lot of free website builders for you to choose such as Wix, Yola, Weebly etc., which advertise to have free price and tons of appealing templates. And you immediately think it’s the perfect deal for you. But is the free website builder that wonderful and FREE? Is it a valid solution for entrepreneurs to lower costs and cut corners?

Let’s check to find out the pros and cons of free website builders before deciding which service to build your website.

The Pros

Zero cost: It’s free! It sounds so tempting, right? All you have to do is choosing a off-the-shelf template, and done! It’s an incredibly affordable choice for people who want to own website. When you’re a entrepreneur, you want to save as much money as possible because you want to allocate your limited budget elsewhere.

Chance to experiment with something new: To some people, the beginning of creating free website is pretty fun because you have an opportunity to try something totally different from other daily tasks. ‘I build a website by myself!’, wow, it makes me so proud of myself.

The Cons

Another run-of-the-mill web: Using free website builders means that your website will have a common design that looks just the same like thousand websites on Internet. Why? They’re free so thousands of people use them. Using free website builders neither represents your brand personalities nor creates a professional look for your brand. Visitors coming to your website are not impressed and easily forget your web right after they close it.

Ads and ads: Ads is the source of finance for free website builders, and the displayed ads will be out of your control. The ads will make your website look unprofessional. Sometimes, the unrelated content of ads will blow up your website.

Custom Applications: The free website builder is not TOTALLY free. It’s just free for the basic components. When you want more functions, they always ask you to upgrade to premium packages, and the price is not cheap at all. Worse, even you accept to pay the premium price, they may not have the functions you need. Even free things come with price, which is the price of wasted time and effort.

Getting stuck: Once you choose the free website builders, you are going to be stuck with them. And this is the biggest disadvantage of free website builders. Your site belongs to the provider, and you can never part with them. If you leave them, you have to start building the website all over again. Now your time and effort (even money) all goes down to the drain.


In the end, to get fun with building website, free website builders may be for you. But to run online store or promote business in a serious way, free website builders are not the good options. Even if you have simple needs and very tiny budget, consider using WordPress based site. Although custom website design takes more initial cost and time, it is a much better solution for your business growth as it can build a professional, branded look for your website.

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