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Pros and Cons of Hiring a Professional Website Designer

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In the previous post we discussed the pros and cons of using free website builders to build your website when compared to choosing a solution like WordPress (which we use), however something we didn’t discuss is the pros and cons of you designing your website vs hiring professionals like us to do it for you. To help you get a more complete picture, lets dive in and highlight the advantages and disadvantages of using a professional website designer, to help you make the right decision for your business’s website.

Cons of hiring a Professional Web Designer

  • You pay a little more initially: Compared to designing a website yourself using a free website builder, a website designed by a professional website designer is going to be more expensive at the beginning because you are paying them for their time and expertise.
  • Possibility of communication breakdown: When you hire a professional website designer you are embarking on an iterative process where the designer designs your website, you provide feedback and this process continues until you (the client) agree you are happy with the end result. The amount of revisions you can make depends on the company you choose. With some companies, you may end up going back and forth over several emails just to get a specific thing write because you the client are trying to describe something to someone else which can sometimes get miscommunicated and frustrating. This is especially of concern when you are getting a custom website designed and not starting with a template as a base. Same Day Studio overcomes this by doing the following:
    • Using templates: our templates are professionally designed and tested. You can see exactly what you are getting and so there is less to describe. Our wide range of templates means you can select something that is very close (or even exactly) what you are wanting, and this means less changes and thus significantly less change of miscommunication.
    • Designing your website in ONE day: by designing your website in ONE day, we are obviously heavily engaged in communication with yourself. No waiting days for a reply to your question; we’re on a deadline and that means we’re around to answer your questions that SAME DAY.

Pros of hiring a Professional Website Designer

  • Quicker turnaround: A professional understands the code and works 40 hours a week designing websites. They instantly know what works well for designs and this means less changes and a quicker turnaround.
  • Access to professional resources: A professional website designer will have subscriptions and accounts with softwares and resources like Professional Stock Photos.
  • Branding: Having your website customised by a professional website designer will ensure you stand out among hundreds of DYI website templates and put you on a level higher than your competitors. In other words, a professional website designer will ensure your website is unique and aligned with your brand image.
  • Optimisation:  A professional website designer knows things that you probably haven’t even considered. For example, when you place images into your website, you should compress them before hand so that they are smaller in size. By using compressed images on your website, your website is smaller in file size and thus will load quicker. A quicker website is something Google and other search engines heavily consider when running their algorithms as they promote faster loading websites in their search results.
  • Expertise: Professional website designers have experiences and expertise, and they have worked with various clients. They can see the patterns, and common problems that business owners faced and then solved. Thanks to them, you can have more solutions at hand to test and find out the best ones for your business growth.

Overall, hiring a professional website designer may cost you a little more, but it’ll ensure you build the most effective tool for your business. A website is an important investment for your online business; therefore, you need to invest a little bit more (time and money) in a website that you can rely on for the long-term. You need a website to make your business run smoothly and grow, not a website just for the sake of having a website. This is where Same Day Studio comes in. Our two packages allow you to start with any template and then either customise it yourself, or have us customise it for you using our professional talents and creative flare. You can also have a go yourself and hand over the reins to us if you feel you want us to finish designing your site for you. We’re flexible.

Head on over to our pricing page to read more about our different options and hopefully we’ll hear from your soon.

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