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SEO and Why SEO Is Important to Business Websites

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When you start building your website, you will come across the term SEO several times during your research. You may ask what SEO is and whether you need SEO for your website. This post will provide you the basic information about SEO and reasons why you should start investing in SEO today.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, a set of rules that website (or blog) owners can apply to optimise their websites for search engines and improve their search engine rankings. All major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo have their own rules that define what content in a website is most relevant to search queries. When SEO is performed correctly and consistently over time, your business’s website will be more likely to gain leads and traffic naturally from search engines like Google as it will appear high up towards the first page of the search results. of search engines.


  1. It is cost-effective: Today, it’s essential for you to apply certain methods to make your presence more visible on the Internet. Compared to PPC advertising, social media marketing, purchasing leads or even Google Ads, SEO is cheaper while it still providing a fairly good ROI.
  1. It helps you grab more market share: 80-90% of customers now do their search online prior to making a purchase and most of these customers visit the first couple of pages of search results. People unconsciously trust search engine results. If not properly optimised, your website will drown amongst the other thousand sites that it is competing with, your target audience will have a hard time finding you and, worst of all, they will  switch to your competitors who have better rankings.
  1. Optimal user experience: SEO is not only about search engines. Good SEO practice is also about improving the user experience and usability of your website for your customers. It improves your users’ satisfaction when visiting your website and we all know that happy customers are returning customers!
  1. A tool for social media promotion: It is good for the social promotion of your website and your business. People find your website on search engines, and if they’re interested, they tend to follow your Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Then they may even promote your pages on social media if your content is engaging and relevant.
  1. An effective tool to get insights about your customers: When your website is properly optimised, it will improve your search engine visibility, usability and credibility. All of that will increase more traffic to your site. With high number of visitors to your website, you can use Google Analytics to track valuable information about your visitors. You can know more about behavioural patterns and trends among your target audience. The valuable information will help you determine better strategies to making more of these people paying customers, as well as improve your advertising or operational efficiency. The more you know about customers, the better directions you can get for your business growth for the long-term success of your company.

It’s important to invest in SEO today. However, if you don’t apply the correct methods for SEO, all your time and money will be wasted. For small business website, it’s totally possible to do effective DIY Search Engine Optimisation. With One Day Websites, we provide you a number of tools to conduct SEO efficiently by yourself.

Just ask us how!

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