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Business cards are important


Whether you're attending a networking conference, selling your products at the local markets or even having a coffee down at the local cafe, you never know who you're going to meet. What if, you run into your friend and their with someone who wants a website (this happens to us, alot!). You can't say "Hey, wait, let me find a piece of paper and get your details", or even worse, they tell you that they'll get your details of the mutual friend and you have no easy way of following them up.

Business cards are one of the easiest, most personal ways to generate leads and be a memorable business

Business cards should:

Have your details

How else will they know who to contact you? Have your name, title, email address, website and phone number and (if appropriate) your fax.

Match your branding

The card should continue your branding. Effective branding is done by a professional like the ODW design team.

Get people in contact

ODW recommend putting specials like "20% off when you buy online" to get people to your website and engaged with your business.

Be targeted

Your business might do interior design and you have two types of clients - real estates and residential families. You could get two business cards for each of these and the website address on them could go to different landing pages.

Be cost-effective

You're going to be given these to people who may or may not convert to sales and leads, so why spend your life-savings? ODW business cards keep your costs down so you're not too afraid to give them out!

Be done by ODW

Business cards can be different sizes, printed on different papers and have many other complexities. Leave the headache out of it and let ODW do your business cards. We love doing them!

The benefits of business cards

They're very cheap for the return they can bring

Business cards are very affordable with ODW and you get quite a few cards. Imagine if you gave out 200 business cards, and 10 of those people put your card in their wallet. And then, what if 2 of these people never clean out their wallet and one day need your services.

Your business have just secured two customers for the small overhead of the graphic design + card printing.


Your customers are expecting them

Most businesses these days will have business cards and for this reason your customers will expect you to have business cards also.


They're an investment

Once you have your professional design with ODW, we'll send you the final files. Any time you need printing, you don't need to pay for the design costs because you've already have the artwork designed. All you have to pay for is the printing.

ODW always recommend investing with us to produce professional business cards as then you'll have an amazing design that you can get reprinted for a low cost


Creative business cards get shared because they're something to talk about

ODW will produce a business card for you that represents your businesses branding and tone. Give your customers something to share with their friends. The best marketing is word of mouth, and word of mouth only works if they can remember your business. So, get into their wallets and be there for when the time calls.