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Content is still King

– Writing Content the ODW Way

We didn’t disagree with Bill Gates when he said “Content is King”, and what's even more important is that content gets ridiculously  more powerful when backed by great SEO. Without engaging content, not even SEO can do you any good. We at One Day Websites provide our clients with great, client-engaging content that is sure to boost your business and make your visitors read what you've got to say.

It's simple. To engage your website users you need to have good content. And we're not exactly talking about language, grammar and vocabulary here. They're just the icing on this cake.

Writing engaging content means writing interesting, easy-to-digest information that provides your users with the information they're specifically wanting to get out of you.

This is what you are trying to achieve when you first start typing out your content. If you don't have time, pass it onto experts with the ODW writing team and we'll write content for your website that boosts your business online.


ODW's writing talents will get you the best results

“Tellable” is sellable

Since we believe that “tellable” is sellable, we create content that has the power to fetch you more business and hence, more sales. If your content successfully and lucidly provides information about your business, or to be more precise, is able to cater to the requirement of your client, you have hit the jackpot. Boom!

Only well-written content leads to great SEO

SEO and content are best friends, though SEO is more dependent on good content than the other way round. ODW writes content for you that is SEO-friendly in the most befitting manner. So, not only will you appeal to your customers, but you'll also be the brownie Google (and other search engines) have been looking for. This'll definitely gets your rankings high and will help you be more visible and increasingly relevant in search results. Our well-written content facilitates better link building, hence more traffic.

The transformation from visitors to customers

Regardless of the means through which a visitor might chance upon your site, the only thing that will hold him/her there is engaging content; exactly the kind that transforms a visitor into a customer. We help you turn that opportunity into business.

Rocketing your ROI

A website is not a fad; it is an investment. But an investment is wasted if it doesn’t fetch you a sustained ROI. A website that is well designed with the most relevant high-quality content becomes a durable asset for you. And when it fetches you sales not only in the short term, but also the long-term, your ROI rockets up.


ODW's team of writers takes you a step further

Our team of experienced content writers write you optimised, high-quality content for your website. We provide content that targets and sells, but is at the same time capable enough to crawl up the search engine ranking ladders.

This task is a difficult one but one that is essential all the same. Our experience and expertise knows just what is required and why it is required. Selling anything takes a different approach today – the digital approach. With ODW exploit this approach with the best content writing services.