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ODW make your website responsive for free

A responsive website is a website that changes how it looks when viewed on mobile phones and tablets

But incase that's confusing, don't worry, because all ODW websites are mobile-friendly and it doesn't cost you anything extra! The first part in the ODW website process isn't a long brief you need to fill out or anything else that'll make your blood boil. You choose a design template that we've already spent the time perfecting and we design your website based on your chosen design. All our templates are coded to be responsive, and better yet, our designers have used modern design practises to make getting around your website easy for your customers when they are viewing your website from their mobile devices.

Your website is used by more customers

At ODW, we want your business to be successful and not just a one-year stint. To us, this means three essential things:

  1. Having something sexy people want to look at: AKA your website, which is based off one of our templates that is designed to convert leads and make your business look professional online.
  2. Having people to look at your sexy: This means traffic, and to get traffic you need to advertise. This is why we use templates and other streamlined processes - they save us time and you money. With this saved money, you can invest it into advertising and get some actual sales through the door.
  3. Making people love using your sexy: This is your responsive website. You can have something sexy, which people want to look at, but if they can view it and use it easily, your website will fail.

Having your website be mobile responsive ensures that the effort you and ODW invest together (in making your company website) is not wasted.