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ODW backs your business with the Soul of Success - SEO

Whether you are a blogger or a business website, an e-commerce platform or an NGO, you need SEO. Why? As a business, what you gain from performing SEO is:

  • More traffic
  • More clients
  • More business
  • More sales
  • Faster loading website


ODW offers the best on-page and off-page services, which include:

Initial analysis, research and audit of the existing website

Every website is unique, so if you have an existing website (or after your new ODW website has been running for a couple of weeks), our SEO specialists must do some reviews on your current website to have a base on which they will build on and perfect. If your existing website is not doing well, ODW start to form an idea of how we can optimise your site to get your website in front of people in google, and clicking the BUY NOW / CONTACT US buttons once on your website.

Researching Keywords

Researching what keywords will produce the best search results for your business's website is the next essential step and it is crucial that this is performed by specialists, otherwise any SEO work you do from herein will be irrelevant as you'll be optimising for a non-existent market. What does this mean? You could optimise and be on the first page for keywords like "websites with 5 pages", but if no one is searching for it, it's pointless coming up on the first page.

Analysis Using Google Analytics

We review the performance of your website in an ongoing process to see how it is proceeding. Using Google Analytics for doing so serves as a sort of SWOT analysis. We get to know of your strengths, and weaknesses, and thus recognise our opportunities and threats.

Analysis with Google Webmaster Tools

These take your website a step further by closely confronting any threats from its history that may have been pulling the search rankings down, thus bringing in more chances of improvement.

Link Profile Analysis

If you have been badly affected with a tonne of previously built spammy links, we take care of that and do a thorough cleanup for the ones that are not needed, thus perfecting your website's search engine reputation online.

Overall Site Audit

ODW will conduct an overall audit of the client’s site for factors like the loading speed, the structure of the URLs, internal linking, title tags, meta tags, and most importantly, the content. This is how we proceed to make it better.

Website Optimisation

The speed of your website dramatically affects the performance of your website in search engines AND generally how people interact with your website. If your website loads too slow, people will click the back button and go to a competitor. Google also wants to help people searching find good content, so if your website is so, they will not show your website in search results as they know it will just annoy the people searching (i.e. the people Google are trying to help).

Optimisation tasks may include a website redesign, code overhaul, link removal/disavowal, link building, link monitoring, competition research, brand monitoring, image optimisation, and many more.


Too long, didn't read?

SEO is essential as part of your online website strategy. Even if you have the best website, if no one can find it, then it is useless. SEO works to guarantee your website is found online.

Why Choose ODW for SEO Services?

Rank higher

What are the odds of users going to page 2 results? Very low (actually on average under 4%). This is why we optimise your website for higher search engine rankings in the most holistic and logical way.  The higher the ranking, the more you come to gain from it.

Improve website usability

SEO is not just about ranking high. It is about transforming your website into a well-rounded one. This practice also results in making it more usable and welcoming for the users.

Gain credibility with keywords

We get you equipped with the most relevant keywords so that your site figures as the most relevant result according to the users’ searches, thus lending you better credibility and increased trust.

Get figured on docial media

SEO may not give you direct promotion, but indirectly it does polularise your business. Users who figure you out through Google or Yahoo are most likely to share your pages through social media.

Long-term benefits

We will not only get you the desired short term results, but also fashion your site in such a way that a durable platform is made for you to keep operating smoothly for a long period of time.

Gives you an edge

With ODW, get that edge over your competition. With our avant-garde SEO services, we put you way ahead of your competitors, bring you more clients and boost up your sales.

Ethical, professional and realistic practice

With our ethical, professional and realistic practices we make sure that you get the best White Hat SEO from the most professional experts around. Also, our packages are extremely affordable for the quality we produce.

So, let One Day Websites put some soul into your SEO