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ODW don't charge an arm and a leg for web hosting

When you purchase web hosting for your website, you're purchasing the ability to store your website on someone else's computer so that when someone visits your website, they're actually downloading your website's files from this computer.

A bit confusing? Don't worry!

At the end of the day, all you need to know is that to have a website, you need to have web hosting.

A few years ago, web design companies used to charge their clients for website hosting as an annual fee of a couple of hundred dollars. As technology has advanced, the prices of web hosting have dropped considerably. Couple this with the growing trend that people generally know more about the pricing of technologies, and you have customers who are not willing to pay hundreds of dollars per year for web hosting.

ODW combine your website hosting into your monthly plan fee as we want to offer our clients cheap website hosting which is reliable and secure. Your ODW website will be run on servers in Sydney or Melbourne, which means your customers can access your website faster from Australia and New Zealand, with great global speeds also.

ODW website hosting benefits

Plenty of storage

Email accounts

99.9% uptime

Australian servers

Regular backups

WordPress compatible